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Dry Shampoo Volumizing & Oil Absorbing - Brunette Hair Color

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Elevate your hair care routine with our Dry Shampoo specially designed for those with lovely brunette hair color. This oil-absorbing dry shampoo naturally revitalizes your hair by effectively absorbing excess oil and sweat. Enriched with volumizing rice starch and deodorizing baking soda, it breathes new life into your locks, leaving you ready to conquer the day with fresh, vibrant hair. To top it off, it's packaged in an eco-conscious 3 oz. paperboard shaker tube adorned with environmentally-friendly labels, making it 100% biodegradable and a sustainable choice. Say goodbye to aerosol cans and hello to a greener hair care routine How to Use: Part hair in sections and shake powder directly onto hair & scalp and work through to the ends or shake directly onto a brush and comb through hair to the ends. We are committed to creating carbon neutral, plant-based, chemical free, cruelty free, plastic-free products in recyclable packaging.