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What the Color of Your Clothing Says About You

If you were to open my closet right now you would undoubtedly see a majority of black and gray garments so I am writing this article just as much for my own benefit as yours.  I have always lived by the motto “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color” so breaking myself out of this habit will be a challenge. After reading the different effects that color has on perception, motivation, and the different range of emotions that color can have I am convinced that brightening up my wardrobe could have a positive impact on my life.


As fashion designer Valentino once said “Red has guts .... deep, strong, dramatic.”  Red is often considered a “powerful” color used to invoke emotion.  Think about the way we use red to describe things, red-handed, red-hot, paint the town red, & seeing red.  Studies have shown that being exposed to the color red can increase a person’s heart-rate. Red is often times associated with love and passion, confidence,  as well as heightened awareness and therefore it is recommended to wear red on a first date. It is a power color that encourages action and can be effective even in small doses.  For example, your little black dress would pair nicely with a red scarf or even red shoes. The pop of such a dominant color forces the audience to pay attention and draws their eyes to you.  

(Dinner Party Folded Off-Shoulder Top)


Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum and the most noticeable of all other colors (think highlighters, post-it notes, taxis, etc).  Yellow conveys a feeling of happiness and optimism. It exudes warmth, inspiration, and vitality. Yellow helps to increase creativity and communication so would be ideal to wear to a work meeting, a group project, or to help mediate a problem. Yellow also helps to feed our confidence and ego so throw on a splash of yellow in the morning if you are feeling nervous about the days events or plan to meet up with an intimidating colleague.   Too much yellow can also have an adverse effect as it can represent anxiety or be perceived as emotionally cold. Pair a yellow sweater or cardigan with a dark pair of pants and muted jewelry to allow the yellow to pop without being overwhelming.

(Posh Meeting Waffle Knit Sweater)


The color blue is often studied in various applications due to its ability to promote a  calming, tranquil vibe.  You may notice that most nurses scrubs and surgeons scrubs are light blue or that the walls in a hospital are a pale blue color.  This is done intentionally since in addition to a calming effect, blue also relays trustworthiness & intelligence. (Which explains its use in many banks and across many websites).  Blue is considered to be the opposite of red as far as what the colors represent and is also the number 1 favorite color of most people. You really can’t overdo it when it comes to dressing in a blue color so feel free to dress head to toe in multiple shades of blue. Blue colors can be worn to anything from a job interview to a lunch date with friends.  

(Fine and Dandy Open Toe Shoes)


When most people think of green they think of nature and new growth.  These thoughts carry over to the perceived meaning of green as harmony, balance, personal and professional growth, restoration, and reassurance.  Green is a safe color that represents balance (between the cool and warm colors) and also gives a perceived feeling of financial security. Green has such a calming effect that before a guest is to appear on a television show they wait in the “green room” in an effort to promote a calming atmosphere.  There are very little restrictions on where you can wear green or how to wear it. You can find ways to accessorize with green or make green be the main color of your outfit!

(Stand Your Ground Plaid Blouse)


While I am going to attempt to add more color into my wardrobe I cannot imagine a  world without my favorite black cardigan or my always stylish black leggins.  Black is a color that everyone looks good in and has gained fashion notoriety for its slimming effect. Black conveys power, mystery, and professionalism amongst other things.  To help ensure that your black outfit screams classy and glamorous instead of morbid we suggest using a splash of color in addition to black. This could be a bright necklace, a pastel scarf, or even a colorful belt to help break up the black theme.  Black is ideal for a night on the town, an important business meeting, or used sparingly for day to day looks.

(Rocking Out Off Shoulder Holiday Dress)


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