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What Is Your Style?

As a young girl. I always loved getting in my Grandma’s closets and finding fun heels and dresses to put on and model up and down the hallways. I would put a book on my head and get just the right balance to waltz back and forth in the full length mirror and pretend to be a runway model or movie star. It seems at an early age, I already was attracted to fur, leopard, feathers or anything ultra feminine that was in my Grandma’s wardrobe. Looking back, it seems strange that as I grew up, I forgot how much I loved and enjoyed fashion, style and the art of being a lady.

Instead of going to college or taking any type of schooling after high school, I decided I wanted a family and was married with my first son by the age of 20. It was then that the cold hard facts of life set in and the real work began. It was a struggle to make ends meet, so all the dreams of my childhood quickly vanished away as I had to work any job I could find to help support my family. There was no more time to parade around in pretty heels and dresses, day dreaming of all the things that might be….My style became whatever I could throw on fast and get to a multitude of jobs in and be comfortable.

Fast forward to now, as there will be plenty more blogs in the future to fill in the blanks. I am doing the job I love and am so completely passionate and caught up in, helping ladies feel beautiful! I so enjoy seeing what each lady loves to wear and how just the right outfit can truly give retail therapy. It is not just a job for me, which is a good thing, because the 80+ hours I work each week, normally don’t even feel like work to me. It is just ‘part’ of who I am.

What style are you? I can tell you without a doubt that I absolutely still love leopard, fur, feathers and the color pink! Any shade of pink….even pink leopard! It cracks me up that I still get giddy over the same styles and colors as I did when I was a young girl! It takes me back to my Grandma’s closet and brings back so many memories. I am curious about you. Do you still like the same styles or has your taste or ideas changed? Do you find yourself coming around full circle to fashions you wore years ago?

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