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Make Your Style Your Own!

How to Make Your Style Your Own | B'Dazzled Boutique


Fashion trends are fun, but you also want to add your own style to compliment the trend! Every woman is unique and likes to show off her personality with her clothing, hair, and accessories. Some patterns such as leopard and stripes are a classic and always fashionable.

Don't be afraid to add your own flair to any trend! I personally have always liked cold shoulder tops and destroyed denim or shirts. It just so happens this style is hot hot hot right now. I have been selling it and wearing it for years as it's my favorite. I like a comfortable but fun look, more casual than dressy. I like leather and vintage jewelry over sleek and shiny.


I have a friend who loves Boho and has since I met her....last year Boho was super trendy so most all of us were wearing a style she's rocked for years. I also have customers and friends who love to layer with lace top extenders and go for a more country feminine look. The main rule is....dress in what you like to wear, not exactly what seasonal trends dictate.


That is what I enjoy most about being in the fashion industry, seeing each woman seek out their style, with or without help, and how different each one of us have our own clothing personality. Boutique shopping in person or online is a wonderful way to shop and many women are enjoying the more welcoming environment and unique styles and clothing companies not always available in larger chain stores. While trends come and go, just remember not to feel pressured to conform. Seek out your sense of style and personality in the current trend and rock it. It is our differences that make us beautiful and interesting.

 It is our mission to have a style for everyone and to help you find your own clothing personality!

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