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How to Define Your Style


How to Define Your Style | B'Dazzled Boutique | Online Women's Fashion Boutique

From our owner, Beth:

I am against age limits on style. I believe clothing should be worn to each one of our individual styles and personality. I am 47 and love to wear edgy, fun clothing, but I also like to dress up for the right occasions.

I typically wear more casual destroyed or blinged, burnout fabrics...What's your style? Whatever you wear, you or I should be comfortable in it!

We love our 2017 styles: ripped destroyed skinnies and shorts, destroyed and shredded tees, high neck blouses, floral everything and lots of cold shoulder tops! It's so much fun switching styles from day to day depending on what you feel. As women, it's essential for us to use our clothing to brighten our day. Every woman is unique and what we wear is just one expression of how we see ourselves and can show the world WHO we are.

I've worked with women in many aspects for 30 years. I just love helping add joy or beauty to a customer's life in any way I am able. I see beauty in all ages, in all sizes and many personalities. I never get tired of seeing a woman feel pretty, whether it's clothing, jewelry, bralettes, handbags or shoes...

Do things go out of style? Not so much to me; I think we should define our own style and wear what makes us personally feel beautiful. B'Dazzled does carry all the newest trendiest items, but always wants you - our friends and customers - to keep your favorite and most comfy items, even as styles change. ou can always add to or change your clothing tastes....but mainly, JUST B'YOU!

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