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Business Tips by Beth #1

Here we go…

I get asked a lot, mostly by women, to give business advise on how to start a new business, or how I got started. Over the next months, I would like to compile a list of my failures and successes, to try to help you take the leap of Faith and jump into owning your own business or possibly deciding that the stress and time are something you do not want to commit to at this point in your life.

I want to first say, that I do not take number one credit in any of my successes or accomplishments. I give all the thanks and glory to the Lord, who constantly gives me fresh ideas every morning that I am open to hearing them! I would also like to point out that these blogs are just plain real. I am not a professional blogger and I struggle just to get a picture or a blog onto this site. I am constantly learning new things and blogging just happens to be one of them. There is so much information out there that I just want to share and it is an amazing world where I can not only write to an audience who may be interested, but also do live videos or other ways to reach a multitude of people.

So, since is the first in a series of my thoughts on how a small business should start, I am going to begin with…..what are you truly passionate about? What makes you get excited and feel good inside while you are working on it? Not everyone wants or needs to open a business. Many people are much happier being employed by someone and not having the constant pressure of stress of owning a business. So have you really thought about the amount of time, money and mental pressure it will take to start and own a business? Having a business can be the most rewarding experience you will ever have in the work field, but it can also be a very disappointing and scary experience as well.

This is the reason for this part of the series of my blogs. It is not just to promote or advertise my own business, but to help you decide if you want to start some kind of business of your own. I do not even pretend to be an expert at any kind of online business or anything digital. In my writing, it is mostly experience in retail and service businesses. I also don’t make any claims that this road has been easy or instant. I believe to truly build a long lasting business, it takes time. Do you have the time it takes to devote yourself to your new business? I do not exaggerate, when I say, that I devote over 80+ per week into my businesses. I literally eat, breathe and sleep business and it is just a part of who I am and what I am. This is not to deter you, but to be real and honest about what it takes to grow a business and keep a business alive.

So, for tip number one, I am suggesting that you think deep about what really makes you happy. If you could have any job, what would it be? Are you willing to give this business (of any kind) your complete and full attention? Are you willing to let this business become a part of you and basically take over your life? If not, I would advise you not to start just yet, unless you just want something on the side for fun. There is so much more to owning a boutique, an online business, a retail store, or any kind of business that most people know, or care to know. If you decide you are ready for the leap, I am hoping some of my own personal experiences will help you along the way.

So what am I passionate about? I am passionate about helping other women feel good inside and outside. I absolutely love to make a difference in someone’s life through sharing my Faith, my life experiences, my health up and downs, my grief over my son’s early departure to Heaven and basically trying to share my whole life story with anyone who will listen. In this way, I have incorporated my life into every business that I have owned and been completely passionate about each one. I try to be an open book on all of my failures and flaws, as well as my successes, to which I always feel like there is room for improvement. I never want to stand still. I want to keep learning and running this race of life with knowledge, laughter, empathy and honesty. I love the joy my boutiques bring to my customers, my employees and myself. I love the job that God has given to me and I give it my all everyday, because it is a part of who I am.

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