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B'Dazzled Bralettes are All the Rage!


Bralettes are All the Rage! | B'Dazzled Boutique | Online Women's Fashion Boutique

Bralettes are the rage in 2017.

It started in 2016, but lately, everyone has gone all but crazy over lacy, strappy, and high neck styles. You can find bralettes with front straps, and some with a choker look. You can find bralettes with super strappy backs in lace and non-lace styles that are super comfy and so attractive.

These funky bralette styles can jazz up almost any shirt and feel good. The colors offered now are phenomenal and one can find the perfect bralette for each top you own. These are offered padded and non-padded; some are sized and some are one size. Also, curvy bralettes are now being offered.  If you need more support, many ladies throw these over their own bras to get the lacy trendy look.

B'DAZZLED will be adding more styles and selection to our website soon. Look for new bralettes on our website in the next 2 weeks. If you have time to visit our stores, we offer an extra large selection.

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