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B'Dazzled Boutique: How Our Family-Run Business Came to Be

How Our Family-Run Business Came to Be | B'Dazzled Boutique | Online Women's Fashion Boutique

B'Dazzled Boutique has been a dream come true for my family and me. With humble beginnings, our family has built something that we have all come to know and love. I'd like to share our story.

Ingo and I met at an expo in 2004 in Massachusetts. Since he still lived in Germany, we did not speak for a year.  One year later at the same expo, however, Ingo asked me if he could come to dinner with my son, DJ and me. After that, we dated long distance for a year until I moved to Germany. I lived in Germany for over 4 years and had 2 more boys, Alex and Dominik. DJ lived in Germany for 3 years, while Garret traveled back and forth.

While it might sound glamorous, living in a foreign country is not so easy. I opened a boutique called the Platinum Ponie with Ingo so I could feel useful and make myself learn the language. DJ worked for me at the time, and we had the boutique until I decided I wanted to return to the US.

I moved back to the US with both babies alone and very little money to start B'Dazzled. Ingo commuted back and forth for over 3 years while I worked on getting B'Dazzled profitable. I lived a very simple life and bought items as I sold. There was never any credit used, and, for over 5 years, it was an all cash business. 80% is still all pre-paid cash and I am so thankful for this.

As the boutique got more successful, Ingo could finally move from Germany to America to be with us. Over the years, he has changed direction here and decided to partner with me, so we started the website and added more inventory. We also moved to a larger location which helped the store flourish. Ingo continues to travel to Germany and keep his German Gubotec business as well.

Two years ago, after a 4-month cancer fight, my oldest, beloved son DJ went to Heaven. It was very difficult to take care of my son and see his suffering while keeping a large store in business. I had no choice as B'Dazzled is our income.

I returned back to work rather quickly and was supported so graciously and wonderfully by my customers and friends. Since my son's departure for Heaven, B'Dazzled has more than tripled in sales, to which I know I have heavenly help from him! I give all the credit to the Lord Jesus, who has comforted me and taken such good care of me these last years.

I work 7 days a week. All day, every day...most of the time. I hired more help and love getting some family time, which I could not have when I was growing the business.

Ingo and I opened a second location in Fishers this last year as a trial to see if we wanted a second store. As it is, the store in Fishers is too small for my wild buying, so we are moving to a much larger location in downtown Noblesville at 950 W Logan Street. Ingo is a great help getting the stores ready and also helps in the boutiques as needed. It allows me to do such things as B'Live, our live sales group, and other adventures.

I feel very blessed and thankful to work with and help other ladies feel beautiful. I think of my customers as friends and love being a part of so many lives. Thanks for being a part of the journey, B'Dazzled beauties!

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  • I just love you, and your family ♥️ From the first time I met you.. I purchased the $5 sunglasses at State Fair, I knew God sent me to your little booth. You have blessed me beyond words. DJ gave me blessings and love. Your strength strengthens me! You and yours are amazing and will always have a special place in my heart and in my life ??


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