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2016 Fall Trends: The Kimono Cardigan, Florals, and The Classics

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This year has been one of the most fun yet when it comes to diversity in styles. It's so great to see women finding their own style and owning it! Whether it is bogo, edgy, classic, or casual tops, there is a trend just for you. The classic kimono cardigan has added stripes, florals, elbow patches and pockets making a plain kimono cardigan pop this fall!

Bringing the Boho Style to the Top

Let's talk about the huge audience of people that took boho style to the top. So many patterns, cuts lace, and fringe all entered the picture with this trend. The layered up look starting with a detailed small print dress or tunic, then a fringe vest thrown over for added effect went over very well. Long necklaces and boots almost any age are able to wear something attractive and fun.

This layered style has always been a favorite of mine and it was great to see it take off this year and become so popular.

The Kimono Cardigan and the Conservative Dresser

There is always a time and place for classic cuts and prints. The more conservative dresser got added fun with polka dots, stripes and florals. These patterns were added to tops, dresses, pants, and especially rompers. Jeggings and leggings with a long kimono cardigan and were added to complete this look. Boho Chic also took a turn to extra fun kimonos, vests, and cardis.

Many women also wore a headband or floppy hat and rocked a total head to toe Boho Chic fashion statement.

Edge and Cold Shoulder Look

My favorite edge look soared to new heights with the cold shoulder look. Open shoulders hit the spring market and still follow into the winter months in sweater mode. Every material from rayon tees to thick acrylic or cotton sweaters have open shoulders, slotted arms, slit arms...anything is possible with this super fun trend.

Classy and a little sexy, without showing too much. It made teens up to boots create a pat together but comfortable look. Adding a blanket scarf or infinity always gives a look of sophistication -- a simple and easy way to finish the look.

How About The Casual Look?

Oh the casual look! So many amazing styles this year with raw edging, open backs, lace, tie dye and acid washes. The list could go on and on of the cutest casual fashions I've seen. Many had a baby doll cut with lace accents. This was definitely a customer favorite at our boutique.

We obsess over all the heeled, wedged and flat booties available this year. We have sold all styles from fringed, suede, tied, zipped and strappy. Get the look by throwing on an off shoulder tee or sweater, lace bralette, destroyed jeans, cuffed, and rock those booties! Not only comfortable, but one of the cutest trends we've seen.

We search daily for LAs newest and best selling trends and styles and bring them to you through bdazzledshop.com and our boutiques in both Pendleton and Fishers, Indiana.

It was hard to resist owning one of each of all the new tops and sweatshirts arriving!


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